How do we treat TB? 
TB treatment is free at clinics in South Africa, and there are many factors that influence the best TB treatment plan for you. Treatment depends on the where theTB infection occurs in your body, whether you have HIV or another comorbidity, and whether the TB you have is drug resistant. 
The standard treatment for TB has an intensive phase of two months, where the infected person must take RHZE daily (R-rifampicin, H-isoniazid, Z-pyrazinamide, E-ethambutol). Followed by a continuation phase of four months, where the infected person must take RH daily (R-rifampicin, H- isoniazid). Throughout the process the infected person must have follow-up visits with their doctor so they can be monitored and tested for TB. 
Treating TB is a long process that requires taking medication every day for six to eight months. Because of this, treatment plans are often interrupted or not completed. This is a real problem and can lead to reinfection or the TB germ developing resistance to treatment.
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