So How Does Tuberculosis Spread in 2022? 
We’re all exhaling plumes of moist air every time we breathe out. Why is it moist? Because the air we breathe out is filled with tiny droplets called aerosols. Airborne infectious diseases like TB are really good at surviving in these tiny droplets of moisture, and that’s how they spread from one person to another: through the air! 
One of the simplest ways of preventing the spread of TB and other airborne diseases (like Covid-19) is good ventilation. Something as easy as opening the windows and having fresh air flowing through a space helps reduce the amount of infectious particles in the air. 
So next time you’re in a crowded space, open a window and let some fresh air in. This is the third video in an ongoing animated series that aims to clarify, destigmatise and raise awareness around Tuberculosis. #Ehwoza #Tuberculosis #TB
The clip can be downloaded here for dissemination:
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