A DIRE LACK OF HEALTHCARE, SANITATION AND HUMAN DIGNITY: On Thursday, 6 August, the Social Justice Coalition (SJC) visited Qandu-Qandu in Khayelitsha. They wanted to count how many people live there and what kind of basic services were available. Qandu-Qandu is an informal settlement that was established in 2018. The SJC helps people in informal settlements to fight for basic rights.

To date, the SJC has counted 4 835 houses and estimate an average of 3-5 people per household. Residents have no electricity or running water and say that there is one chemical toilet for every 50 houses. Chemical toilets are portable, don’t require water and use chemicals to break down human waste and neutralise odours, yet are undignified and should only be a temporary solution until proper sanitation can be installed. The City of Cape Town doesn’t provide any services other than chemical toilets to Qandu-Qandu.
A film by Samuel Flans, Alfa Fipaza and Bongekile Booi. Soundtrack by Samuel Flans / Innocent Muziq. In partnership with Bhekisisa Centre for Health Journalism. Read the City of Cape Town’s full response here.