HIV/TB was produced by high-school learners (grade 9 and 10) during Eh!woza’s Learner Doccies programme in October 2021. The film juxtaposes the personal impact of HIV and TB and the daily experience of two people living in Masiphumelele. It describes the struggles that the illnesses brought about on individuals and families, and how these were overcome, and stigmatisation and demystification can lead to better understanding and support.
During a set of blended workshops, the programme combined exposure to biomedical research with storytelling that raise awareness and stimulate dialogue about health and disease. Learners were recruited from the Masiphumelele branch of IkamvaYouth and participated in an intensive workshop that consists of science engagement (experiments and talks) and the production of short documentaries about experiences of health and disease and associated social concerns. Workshops were held at the Aerobiology Research Centre at the Desmond Tutu Health Foundation’s Masiphumelele site.
Learners conceptualised, shot and edited the films under the tuition and guidance of  Eh!woza filmmakers Samuel Flans and Alfa Fipaza.
In partnership with The Daily Vox.